Aswan is a city in Upper Egypt, below the first cataract. Due to its location below the northernmost cataract on the Nile, Aswan marked Egypt’s traditional southern border with rival Nubia. With 280,000 inhabitants, Aswan is the most southwestern city in Egypt. 

As Aswan is of the hottest, driest and the sunniest places of all, it is quite suggestive that you should avoid the summer months. Best time to visit is between October to May. Summer is from June to August.

The Aswan attractions

The unfinished obelisk 

The unfinished obelisk is the largest obelisk ever constructed when it was finished at a height of 41.75 meters, but when cracks were found, construction was stopped. The competent guide can explain Egyptian history. 


Aswan High Dam

Aswan Dam consists of stones, rock, clay core and sand. The Nile flooded the fields, that’s why this dam was built. In 1964, the largest dam was declared the eighth wonder of the world. About 2,000 engineers helped with the construction. The following countries such as Russia, the USA and France also helped financially. 


Philae Temple

Philae Temple stood on an island, but it was flooded. It was newly rebuilt on the island of Agilkia. You can reach this temple via motorboat. It contains many beautiful and breathtaking sights.

Botanical Garden and Nubian Museum

It was also called Kitchener Island or Gezieret ElNabatat. It is next to the large Elephantine Island and can only be reached via motorboat and felucca. Mango, mahogany and other trees are planted there. 

The Nubian Museum has many interesting exhibits from the prehistoric period of Nubia and Pharaonic Egypt that are worth a visit.

Old Cataract Hotel

The hotel on the banks of the Nile, at the southern end of the Corniche el-Nil, was opened before the turn of the century. The terrace has a view of Elephantine Island. Agatha Christie’s novel Death on the Nile, which was made into a film, was written there. Aga Khan III and King Faruq of Egypt were guests there several times. In recent years, very famous series have also been filmed there. It is not easy to book a room there as all tourists want to enjoy this experience.